Three Ways To Evaluate What Type Of Alcohol Addiction Treatment You Should Seek

If alcohol addiction is affecting your life, deciding to get help is the first positive step to take. Once you commit to putting alcohol in the rear-view mirror, you'll want to get an understanding of what types of treatment options are available to you. While all of the available options work, there might be one type that is better suited for you. For example, while some alcoholics can fix their issue through a treatment program that involves frequent talk therapy, others find that medication to manage this issue work better for them.

Helping Your Teen Cope With A Friend's Suicide

Most people understand how distressing the loss of a loved one can be. However, dealing with grief after a loved one commits suicide can be emotionally and physically overwhelming. Processing this grief is even more challenging for teens because of all the emotions and hormonal changes they are already facing in their lives. Since the suicide rate of teen girls and boys has steadily increased over the last few years, your teen may have lost a classmate or friend to suicide.

3 Ways To Benefit From Conscious Living Coaching

Are you struggling to reach goals in life? Do you feel like you're not having luck accomplishing any of the things you'd like to accomplish? If you're having a tough time right now, conscious living coaching could be the perfect way for you to make the types of improvements in your life that are going to help you have more success. Conscious living coaching can help you in quite a few different ways.

When Your Partner Is A Compulsive Shopper: How To Curb The Habit And Save Your Relationship

When your partner keeps coming home with expensive items you don't need and really can't afford, your relationship and financial status can really suffer. While spending irresponsibly every once in a while is fairly normal, when this becomes a regular occurrence, there's a good chance your partner is suffering from an addictive behavior known as compulsive shopping. Similar to alcohol and drug addiction, this behavior is a true psychological issue, and it must be dealt with carefully if you want to save your relationship and prevent financial ruin.

Defense! Defense! Your Marriage Is Not A Football Game, So How Can You Stop Being Defensive?

One of the main barriers to great communication in marriage is when one or both partners get defensive. Since good conflict resolution is born out of great communication skills, you need to learn how to recognize defensive behaviors when you talk to your spouse. How can being defensive affect your marriage, and what can you do to replace defensiveness with constructive conversation? Strong Defense, Weak Communication Sometimes, you might not even notice yourself becoming defensive during a conversation.